Digital Marketing

Because People Listen to Brands

"Your Brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room."

Jeff Bezos

What Is Digital Marketing? A Beginner's Guide to Modern Marketing

You’ve probably had the experience of seeing just the right ad at just the right time, when the internet mysteriously shows you the perfect product to solve a problem in your life. It might seem like magic, but the truth is that it’s thanks to the hard work of digital marketers.

What is digital marketing? In short, this business career uses modern technology to connect their target audience with the products and services they need.

But you want to know a bit more than that if you’re considering a career in digital marketing. What does a digital marketer do—really? Join us as we hear all about this career from experienced marketing professionals, including digital marketing examples and everything you need to know about digital marketing vs. traditional marketing.

SEO specialist

Search engine optimization, more commonly known as SEO, is the behind-the-scenes work that connects you with just what you’re looking for when you use a search engine. This area of digital marketing increases a brand’s visibility by helping their website appear to users for relevant search terms. As search engine algorithms grow more complex, this role is becoming more technical and data-driven, according to Edwards.


Videos that inform and entertain are a key aspect of many digital marketing plans. Video teams can include many roles, like producers, video editors, scriptwriters and videographers. Videographers bring together the creative eye of capturing a professional, on-brand video with the technical skills required to make it happen.

Paid digital advertising specialist

Paid digital advertising specialists are the pros behind those targeted ads that find you right when you need them. They use data to make smart decisions about creating and targeting ads to the perfect audience—and staying on budget in the process. While they’re certainly a big part of the puzzle, digital ads aren’t limited to social media. You may also encounter the work of these digital marketers while streaming music, watching YouTube videos or searching for more information on a topic.

Social media marketer

Social media marketers manage a brand’s presence across various platforms, including interacting with followers and responding to complaints or questions. Social media managers may also be responsible for the development of targeted ads that raise awareness of their brand to users who may not follow them yet.

Graphic designer

Strong visuals are a key part of digital marketing. Creative graphic designers are needed to create eye-catching images for videos, infographics, blog posts and social media posts. Some designers even create and oversee entire visual brand strategies.

Content marketer

Digital content comes in many forms, such as blog posts, infographics, videos, social media posts and podcasts. Content marketers are the creative minds behind all of these forms of media. They create content that fits their organization’s brand, meets SEO best practices and appeals to their audience.