Facebook and Instagram Promotion

The great thing about social media is its ability to reach so many people so quickly

Social media is essentially people and organisations talking to other people via online networks and communities. It is mostly free, easy to use and can help you share information, updates, photos and videos with more people than ever before with a click of a button.

Here you can find information and tips on using Facebook and Instagram – two of the most popular social networking sites in the Nepal.


Facebook is the biggest social networking site in the world. It allows you to have a personal page or ‘profile’, post updates and share links, add ‘friends’ and communicate through comments and messages. Facebook also allows users to create ‘pages’ to advertise a particular thing – for example, a band, company or guiding unit.

You might use a Facebook page to:

  • invite supporters to your recruitment event
  • post action-packed photos (with permission) from a recent unit meeting
  • circulate recruitment materials that your followers can share
  • make announcements about exciting local happenings.

If you’ve never used Facebook before, Facebook’s Help Center is a great place to start. This minisite explains exactly how to create a profile, make a page and post and share content.


Instagram allows you to share photos and videos by posting them to your page (which you set as either public or private) and notifies your ‘followers’.

You can also create an Instagram Story which allows you to post one or more photos or videos clips in a series. Unlike normal Instagram posts, people can only view these for 24 hours, after which they expire.

You might use Instagram to:

  • share pictures or video clips (with permission) of your girls at a fun guiding event.
  • promote guiding by showing people the fun behind the words.
  • highlight exciting announcements.